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 N Scale Juniata Division


  Modeling the "Standard Railroad of the World" in two eras


Tour the N Scale Juniata Division representing the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1956.  Click on individual images to enlarge.


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Note:  All photos, videos, and images (except for the Pennsylvania Railroad & Conrail logos) contained herein are Copyright 2006-2010 Dave Vollmer and may not be used without permission.


Lewisport, PA

(inspired by Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Lewistown PA):

Corner - Lewisport commercial district.

Juniata Machine Tool Company and Lewisport Freight Station.

Lewisport passenger depot.

Lewisport industrial area.

After a makeover, the feed and fuel dealer became Mid State Farm Supply.

Looking up US522 into Lewsiport.

Residential neighborhood along US522 in Lewisport.

LEW Interlocking.

East Mifflin, PA

(inspired by Newport and Millerstown):

East Mifflin passenger shelter.

M Interlocking and tower.

Berwind-White Coal Mining Company Eureka #43 Mine.

Jack's Run

(inspired by Spruce Creek):

Jack's Run bridge over Jack's Run and PA Route 45 with Jack's Run tunnel.
Overview of the Enola yard extension.
Enola diesel shop with pit tracks in foreground.
Overview Bridge is popular with railfans wishing to catch PRR action in Enola Yard.
The yard is full...
Enola was important during Conrail's existence as well.

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